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Pediatric Neuropsychology

At CNS, you will gain a better understanding of your student-athlete’s functional strengths and weaknesses in many neurocognitive areas.


We take all brain injuries seriously regardless if they are caused by sports, accidents, falls, or other acquired injury mechanism.

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This section of our website will help you know what to expect when you come to CNS for your appointment. Ask questions about your visit any time.

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Our Mission

Provide the best care to improve the biopsychosocial health of children, adolescents, and young adults and achieve the best outcomes possible.

What Sets Us Apart

Evidence-Based Care

CNS uses evidence-based care to make decisions about effective tests and treatments. This keeps us continually up to speed on what works by using science, research, and technology. Evidence- based care, backed by scientific research, also means less time, less stress, and the most effective care for you and your student-athlete.

Tests and Treatments for Every Student-Athlete’s Needs

Because no two student-athletes are the same, every evaluation and treatment service is tailored to meet their individual needs to provide the best outcomes possible. At CNS, we understand that the key to helping your student-athlete is in learning as much as we can about their individual strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive assessment to provide the best treatment.

Pediatric-Trained Specialist

As a pediatric specialist, Dr. Ostergaard understands that it can be difficult for children and adolescents to explain what is wrong and will be able to assist you and your student-athlete to avoid unnecessary interventions. Dr. Ostergaard is expertly skilled at providing guidance and support, explaining test findings and treatment in a way that both you and your student-athlete will understand. Most importantly, she will take the time to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you understand what the next steps may be in the care of your student-athlete.

Team Approach

Coordinating care between physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, educators, therapists, and family is vital. When you work with Dr. Ostergaard, you become part of a collaborative team and receive the comprehensive care your student-athlete needs. This team approach helps to ensure nothing is missed while we partner to evaluate and treat your student-athlete.

Same Day Test Results

Assessments are typically completed in one session. More time may be required, depending on individual needs and concerns. Upon completion of testing, test findings, as well as diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations, if needed, will be reviewed and discussed in detail.

No Delay in Making an Appointment

As a fee for the service provider, a referral to make an appointment and insurance prior authorization is not needed, which means no extended wait times to receive services allowing CNS to help your student-athlete immediately.

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If you have concerns about your student-athlete’s functioning in any of the following areas: